Organic Waste

Organic waste is comprised is any material is that comes from either plant or animal and is biodegradable. Examples include food waste and yard waste (green waste).

Holiday Collection Notice

Labor Day – Monday, September 4th - No Yard Waste Collection

Monday’s yard waste collection will be on Tuesday, September 5th. 

Yard Waste & Loose Leaf Collection

Public Works Department provides year-round collection of yard waste and loose leaves to single family dwellings and duplexes. For more information, including collection guidelines and acceptable/unacceptable items, select the type of collection below.

Loose Leaves

Yard Waste

Food Waste

Backyard CompostingVermicompostingCompost Drop-off

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Report A Solid Waste Issue

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    Please leave your container curbside and Public Works will be back to collect your waste.

    If you have submitted this form after 3 pm, your container will be collected on the following day.

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  4. Please make sure your cart is visible and easily accessible.  Public Works will repair your cart within the next 48 hours.    

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